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Bhumiorganic is not a desperate attempt to earn recognition or a few extra pennies. But it is a result of persisting efforts to stop struggles of one’s own family and health. Its well-said change starts at home. Our Founder vijaysinh belongs from a small village near Bhavnagar. He saw with his own eyes how farmers from his family suffered the havoc of unjust treatment in the agriculture industry. They were forced to drop farming and needed to take a train at 5 o’clock early in the morning to reach Bhavnagar to do a petty blue collar 5k-10k job.

About Store

Shopjunglee, which began its activities in the year 2019, is currently turning into a main direct selling organization managing top notch natural items and selling more than 1000+ products all over india. Shopjunglee is continually developing each year. The development rate in itself says a lot about the nature of the items, the showcasing plan and the administration that have had the option to convey a particularly fulfilling and manageable framework. Shopjunglee is continually expanding its item reach to present inventive Organic items consistently, produced at cutting edge fabricating offices, which are GMP and Halal ensured. With over the web and disconnected deals outlets Skillet India,Shopjunglee has been building a wide organization of wholesalers. Shopjunglee has confidence in enabling its individuals with the chance to lead their lives on their own terms. With the adage of spreading Wellth, ie, spreading abundance through wellbeing, Shopjunglee has kept on advancing the existence of every individual who is a piece of the organization and the individuals who have confidence in its medical care and natural items.

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